A call to support from Dr Nicky Oke, Patron

a photo of Nicky - she is has dark hair and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a sparkly dark blue dress and a necklace

My name is Dr Nicky Oke, a patron of the registered charity Aphasia Re-Connect.  

I am pleased and greatly honoured to be a patron of Aphasia Re-Connect. I accepted the invitation to become a patron because I was very deeply moved by what they stand for.

Can you imagine waking up one morning, falling out of bed, and being unable to communicate with your partner and loved ones?

Aphasia Re-Connect is dedicated to helping those affected to re-connect to society. People with aphasia know what to say but cannot put it into words. People are talking but they cannot work out what is being said. Reading or writing may even be impossible and numbers very muddled.

On accepting the role of a patron of Aphasia Re-Connect I had long been in awe of their incredible work.  Coming from a family of medics, I was really drawn to how passionate and dedicated the founder – Dr Sally McVicker, a professional Speech and Language Therapist – and her team are to help people with aphasia.  This indeed made it an easy decision for me to accept my role as a patron of Aphasia Re-Connect without any hesitation.

I share the values of Aphasia Re-Connect and understand their role. Further, I am really passionate too about anything to do with the NHS. With the growing numbers of stroke survivors and increasing pressure on NHS budgets, many people cannot access ongoing speech and language therapy to help with their aphasia. With a dedicated team of registered speech and language therapists, Aphasia Re-Connect picks up where NHS support ends. Many of their referrals come directly from NHS therapists, who trust them to continue helping people with aphasia to maximise their communication.

My desire to help those in need as well as my love and enthusiasm to promote the cause of the Aphasia Re-Connect family.

As a patron I will work tirelessly to achieve Aphasia Re-Connect’s mission to improve the lives of people with aphasia; to promote its cause; and to raise both the awareness of aphasia which is lacking at the present moment, and the much-needed funds to enable the Aphasia Re-Connect family to continually be at the forefront of what is possible, in order to make a real difference to all who are affected by aphasia. 

I look forward to working with my Aphasia Re-Connect family to continue to raise awareness and funds for this amazing charity both nationally and internationally.

Please, if you can, donate here.

Thank you.

Dr Nicky Oke

Get in touch

You can contact me by phone 07932 725641 or by email or get in touch with the team at Aphasia Re-Connect if you’d like to discuss how you can help: Email Aphasia Re-Connect.