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Weekly Quiz

Tuesday 19 May – Law and Order

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Tuesday 12 May – General Knowledge

Tuesday 5 May – Holidays

Tuesday 28 April – UK Rivers

Tuesday 21 April – Food

Tuesday 14 April – Parks

Tuesday 7 April – Exploration

Tuesday 31 March – General knowledge

Tuesday 24th March – Spring

Topic: Spring

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Who wrote the poem Daffodils?

Which composer wrote the concerto including a movement called 'Spring'?

What is the period before Easter called by the Christian Church?

Who painted 'Primavera' (meaning Spring)?

What is the name of the Roman goddess of Spring?

What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname?

What kind of animal is a Springbok?

What is the first day of Spring called?

What does 'Spring' symbolise?

Which poet wrote 'April is the cruellest month?'

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