Virtual Groups

All year round

Conversation Group

Come along and join the Conversation!

When: 10.30am every Tuesday

Music Group

Listening to music – classical, pop, jazz, folk – everything! Supported discussion about music. Sharing your ideas. Relaxing, laughing and joking.

When: 10.30am every Friday

Term-time only groups

Starters’ Group

Small group for new joiners. Ideal if you are not confident about a larger group.

When: 11am every Monday

Help with Zoom

Having difficulty with Zoom? Accessible explanation offered by students.

When: 2pm every Monday

Art & Photography Appreciation Group

Discussing art & photography with peers. Relaxed pace.

When: 10am every Monday

Cookbook Club

Do you like cooking? Would you like to help us write a cookbook? Join our new Cookbook Club!

When: 2.30pm every Tuesday

Reading Group

Rediscover the joy of reading at our virtual reading group!

When: 2.30 pm every Thursday

Journal Club

Join our virtual journal club, to discuss aphasia research.

When: 2.30pm every Friday

Putney Group

Enjoy a tea or coffee at home. Talk about the week’s news. Relax and be yourself.

When: 10.30 am every Wednesday

Croydon Group

 Share your ideas, enjoy a good conversation, and have fun.

When: 10.30am every Wednesday

Access to Work

Keen to go back to work?  Share your concerns, tips and ideas together.

When: 4.15pm every Friday

Workers Forum

Do you have aphasia and are back in work? Mutual empathy and peer support.

When: 2pm every Monday

Register your interest for an EVA Park group

Meet in the exciting new virtual world of EVA Park, where you can enjoy conversations as an avatar – get in touch to register your interest.

If you would like to join a virtual group please let us know at or on 07821 040 388

If you have internet and a computer, tablet or phone, we can connect with you at home via Zoom. Please let us know if you would like help getting set up.

If you need support, just get in touch on 07821 040 388 or by email and we will do our best to help you.

Booklet of all groups

Post-covid many of our groups continue to meet online, and we operate a hybrid service of online and face-to-face groups.

With your support, we can stay connected

Find out more about ways you can support, get involved, become a friend, or make a donation.

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