Resources and publications

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The publications below were developed and produced by Connect, the communication disability network. The copyright of these publications has been purchased privately to ensure continued access for people living with aphasia. After expenses have been defrayed, all proceeds will go to Aphasia Re-Connect.

All the publications are available through: Central Books at who have joined forces with (Tel: 020 8525 8810).

The Aphasia Impact Questionnaire (AIQ-21) is available separately from:

The Stroke and Aphasia Handbook

An essential tool to support everyone to discuss stroke and aphasia, to ask questions, have discussions and find out where to look for help.

Aphasia Information Pack

Essential information pack about aphasia for people with aphasia. Packed with useful information about stroke and aphasia, and where to go for support.

Caring and Coping

Another great book written collaboratively with people living with aphasia. It gives great empathy, insight, tips on living with aphasia.

Volunteering and aphasia

A book written with the insight of people with aphasia, to help organisations recruiting people with aphasia as volunteers

How to volunteer

A book written with the insight of people with aphasia, to offer their tips and ideas to help other people with aphasia volunteer

Access to the Arts

A book written especially for arts organisations, with the wisdom of people with aphasia, to improve the accessibility of their services to people with communication disability

Having a stroke and being a parent

A guide for parents living with stroke and aphasia. Again written in collaboration with those living with aphasia.