Our mission and values


Every 11 minutes three people in the UK have a stroke about a third of these people will have Aphasia. This amounts to over 367,000 people in the UK, a figure that increases by 20,000 each year. There are more people living with Aphasia than MS and Parkinson’s disease combined.

Aphasia can affect the ability to read, write, speak or use numbers. It affects each person differently. It can affect anyone at any time and at any age. When aphasia strikes it changes people’s lives in an instant. Aphasia can lead to isolation, the breakdown of relationships and at times depression. 

Our mission and values

Our mission is to create a peer support network of people living with aphasia, and acquired communication disability, to enable them to live life, discover opportunity, develop confidence and find wellbeing and mutual engagement within the wider community. 

Our vision is to see a world where people with aphasia, and acquired communication disability, enjoy a life more ordinary, with opportunity, freedom of choice, responsibility, and a quality of life and wellbeing. 

Aphasia Re-connect aims to improve the lives of people through equipping them to re-connect to their lives.

We have three key values:

Inclusion, Participation, and Community.

Supported conversation and good communication access are at the foundation of our practice. It supports and helps to remove many barriers to communication.  This is true, not just for people with aphasia, but also for those with wider acquired communication disability too. We aim to be as inclusive as possible to open up access to people with aphasia and wider acquired communication disability wherever possible.

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Black lives matter

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We want our Black colleagues, group members, peer leaders, students, volunteers and supporters to know that we stand with you – as individuals and as part of the Aphasia Re-Connect community.

Although we are still socially distanced right now, we can always stay connected and lean on each other. If there is anything at all you’d like to share with us, please get in touch.