Help us to keep the Conversations Going

Our client base has doubled in size in the past few years.
We desperately need the funds to meet this increased need.

Personal donations made up 51% of our income in 2021.

Helping 400+ people who live with aphasia, usually after a stroke

Weekly conversation groups run by peer leaders supporting each other

Buddy scheme reducing isolation throughout the pandemic

Always open for new referrals

Highly qualified professional team help keep the conversations going

Providing training opportunities for NHS speech therapy students

£2,600 will fund a conversation group for a year
£1,600 will pay for room hire for 12 months of drop in sessions
£700 will enable us to train and support 10 new volunteers for the buddying scheme for a year
£550 buys an invaluable communication aid
£120 pays for a peer leader training session

Please help us keep delivering our service

We are fundraising for a highly qualified team member to join our team in 2022

Our client base has doubled in size in the past few years, and now need to employ a full time staff member to help us keep the conversations going.

We expect to keep growing, and need your help to run a safe service.

51% of our funding came from individual donations in 2021, mainly from the members themselves.

1 in 3 people who have a stroke will live with aphasia.

We bring people with aphasia together, transforming lives by connecting people and creating opportunities to engage with life.

In 2021, all our funding went directly into delivering the service