Roberta, one of our volunteers. She is a young woman with dark hair and she is smiling at the camera.

Roberta first volunteered with Aphasia Re-Connect in 2018 and loved it so much that she’s coming back in 2021 as a qualified Speech and Language Therapist! – this is her experience:

I first got involved with Aphasia Re-Connect in July 2018 supporting the Women’s group once a month. In September of the same year, I decided to take two weeks off work to support the great variety of groups and activities on offer at Aphasia Re-Connect. During these two intensive weeks I was given a varied schedule that was very thoughtfully put together to ensure I got to support all the groups and gain as much experience as possible, while still leaving some time to experience other aspects of the charity such as caseload management.

Through joining in most of the activities, I was able to have fun with the other attendees and create strong relationships which I knew would stay with me long after my 2-week experience! Additionally, conversations with people with aphasia really challenged my assumptions about my great communication and organisational skills and have expanded my skillset in unique ways.

Finally, Sally has made my experience seamless and really boosted my learning by providing incredible and timely support whenever needed. My two weeks with Aphasia Re-Connect have been fun, enriching and eye-opening and I am excited about continuing my journey with them.

If you are interested in volunteering with Aphasia Re-Connect, I highly recommend it!

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